Sinking Springs at Historic Bristoll Plantation
843 Elk Forest Road, Elkton, MD 21921.     Get Directions
Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 4pm    Cottage is open on Sundays.
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Any "Thyme" Events at Sinking Springs Herb Farm

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Spring Basket with Pussy Willows Centerpiece

Put your Spring spirit into creating a beautiful centerpiece. Fill your basket with dried spring flowers and lush pussy willows. This is the perfect centerpiece for a kitchen, coffee table, or your dining room. Start your spring flower fever with this basket!

Available during the springtime
Please call (410) 398-5566 for details.

Massage Thyme

Available during your visit. Ask for details.

"Wreath & Swag" Workshop

All year around
(24" approx.)
2 folks make a class! Just call (410) 398-5566 and schedule.
Cost: $26 each

Growing and Cooking with Herbs

Fresh beats dried any day! You can learn to grow your very own herb garden. It is easy and fun! You will love the difference that cooking with fresh herbs makes in your recipes. Be a gourmet chef in your own kitchen. Includes lunch!
Cost: $18 each

Wreath Workshop with Free Lunch
or Basket Weaving with Free Lunch

Using wild flowers and herbs, you will experience the magic of creating your own masterpiece with instructor Ann Stubbs.
Cost: $33 each for 28" wreath
$33 each for Basket (7" x 4" x 12" with handle)

Dessert Tea and Tour with Sachet

Cost: $8 each

Tea and Tea Sandwiches Tour with Dessert and Sachet

Cost: $15 each

"Herbs of the Bible" with a Labyrinth Serenity Walk

Please ask for details.

Weave, Lunch and Garden Tour

All year around, approximately 2 hours
Just 45 minutes to weave your own 7" x 4" x 14" basket. Continuous very easy weaving, stained and filled with happy dried flowers and herbs from Ann's gardens.
Cost: $33 each

Herbs, Herbs, Herbs

All year around, every day: open Monday - Saturday, 10 - 4
Herbal learning, plant sales, taste treats!
Cost: FREE

Eat Right for your Blood Type

All year around, approximately 2 hours
Just can't shed those few extra pounds? Have you considered investigating how to eat for your blood type? Each of us knows we have different nutitional needs, but did you know that your blood type can determine the best foods for you to eat and maintain a healthy weight? Bring a friend and call Sinking Springs! Explore the possibilities in the one day introduction to eating right for your blood type.
Cost: $15 each

Call 410-398-5566 for Reservations.

We prefer to communicate with people in person or over the phone as we find the personal touch is more satisfying, and we welcome a phone call from you. Please call us at (410) 398-5566, or try Ann's cell phone at (443) 553-4618.

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